About Heliocare®

Heliocare provides the best daily defence against sun damage and premature skin ageing. Each product is packed with intelligent ingredients that provide maximum broad spectrum protection against the sun’s damaging rays and defend the skin from deep within.

Heliocare understands that all skin is unique. That’s why they offer a range of formulations to suit your skin type, so that everyone can find a Heliocare product to fall in love with.

About Cantabria Labs

Cantabria Labs remains a family-owned business with real heart and soul. The philosophy of ‘celebrate life’ resonates throughout the business. They specialise in developing innovative, patented ingredients by harnessing the power of nature and repurposing it to improve or protect the skin. As well as manufacturing the best products for dermatological health, Cantabria Labs is passionate about charitable work across Spain and the rest of the world. Their initiative, #togetherwewillgofar, aims to promote good health and fight against poverty, hunger and sickness.

Cantabria Labs is dedicated to caring for and conserving the environment. Their latest eco-friendly venture, La Concha, is an environmentally sustainable production centre based in Cantabria in northern Spain. La Concha leverages the power of a geothermal spring to produce renewable energy for the laboratories and provide mineral-rich, medicinal water. Cantabria Labs’ respect for nature is further reflected in its exciting natural technologies, including Fernblock®, the base of our bestselling Heliocare® 360° range.

About AesthetiCare

We do that by providing best-in-class formulations and technologies that are backed by significant clinical and scientific research. AesthetiCare are proud to have been part of the Cantabria Labs family as the exclusive UK distributor for over 10 years now. As partners we share a common culture… to explore possibilities, be adventurous and, most importantly, always put people first.