A new look, feel & eco-friendliness for Heliocare

New Heliocare packaging

Heliocare has received a sleek new look for 2020. This contemporary and minimalist approach reflects the brand’s innovation and matches up to the quality of its products.

The new packaging has now launched and will be rolling out across all Heliocare products over the coming months, so keep an eye out – we hope you love it as much as we do!

Water Gel

Cellophane free!

Cantabria Labs, the makers of Heliocare are taking strides towards reducing single-use plastic by removing all cellophane from outer packaging.

This will save a total of 6,500 kg of plastic across the globe and significantly reduce the company’s carbon footprint.

Instead of cellophane, all outer packaging will be FSC-certified, which means it is sourced from sustainable and responsibly managed forests.

The cartons are anti-dust and anti-fingerprint, which ensures maximum durability and hygiene – so they’ll pristine when they arrive in your hands!

New packaging

Eco-sustainable production centre

Removing cellophane is part of Cantabria Labs’ commitment to eco-friendly production, complementing its existing initiatives, including La Concha, which opened its doors in 2019.

Based near Cabárceno National Park in Villaescusa, Cantabria, La Concha is an environmentally sustainable production centre powered by a geothermal spring. By harnessing the power of the spring, La Concha provides itself will renewable energy to power the laboratories and mineral-rich, medicinal water for both drinking and irrigation.

Cantabria Labs’ new premises is surrounded by hundreds of newly-planted native trees. The company is dedicated to caring for, respecting and conserving the environment, something that continues to be reflected in its patented technologies that are based on natural resources, such as Fernblock. Cantabria Labs has additional eco-sustainable projects in the works, which will be announced in the near future.

Cantabria Labs