Heliocare 360° is your skin hero. Every product in the range provides high-level daily protection against UVA, UVB, visible light and infrared-A with a sophisticated combination of ingredients that help to shield the skins surface and defend your skin from within.

Every hero has superpower, and in the case of Heliocare 360° that superpower is Fernblock!

Why is Fernblock so special?

Fernblock is a supercharged, fern-derived anti-oxidant that’s unique to the Heliocare range. It’s derived from the fern Polypodium leucotomos and is proven to protect the skin in lots of ways:

  • Neutralises harmful sun-induced free radicals – unstable atoms that damage skin cells
  • Protects your skin cell DNA
  • Protects your skins immune system
  • Prevents cell death
  • Protects your fibroblasts – the cells that make collagen and elastin

Fernblock is the result of years of research and is supported by over 80 clinical papers. It’s in every Heliocare 360° product in addition to the following advanced ingredients that combine to give your skin the daily protection it deserves:

A combination of mineral and non-mineral filters provide SPF50 and PA++++ protection.

Visible light Fractional Biomimetic Melanin is specially designed to absorb visible light wavelengths at the skins surface. It does so at a level that’s two times greater than our own melanin.

Infrared-A There are no filters for infrared-A. So OTZ-10 Pro Taurine, an advanced anti-oxidant, penetrates deep into the skin helping to protect fibroblasts and prevent free radical damage caused by infrared-A.

DNA repair enzymes repair both the nucleus and the mitochondria of DNA and can also reduce free radical damage to the mitochondria by a huge 30%.

Additional anti-oxidants such as Vitamins C, E and Green Tea Extract boost the activity of Fernblock by helping to neutralise free radicals.