Why it’s time to add skin health supplements to your morning vitamins

It’s very common to worry about how your skin looks, but how often do you think about the health of your skin beyond its appearance? It is the largest organ in the body and the one that protects us from the outside world. How we take care of it matters.

Looking after the rest of our body by taking supplements has become commonplace – we should do the same for our skin.

Skin health matters

Your skin reflects your overall health in many ways, so taking more general supplements will also benefit skin health – but to address the harmful effects of sun damage, a more targeted approach is needed.

Even though the dangers of skin cancer are well known, skin cancer rates in the UK continue to rise. We need to be more proactive to prevent this growing problem.

Sun damage can affect skin health in other ways, too. Long-term exposure to the sun causes premature skin aging, including loss of firmness, sagging, and the creation of fine lines, wrinkles and discoloration. Your skin also has an important immune function that can be impacted by sun exposure.

Looking after the health of your skin has excellent long-term benefits, but there are lots of short-term benefits too – as everyone who has ever had a sunburn ruin their holiday knows very well.

Heliocare capsules can deliver both – with powerful Fernblock anti-oxidant extract, this oral supplement can protect and repair skin from sun damage, while also supporting healthy overall skin function.

Why do I need sun protection supplements?

Wearing sunscreen every day is so important, but in our very human hands, it doesn’t always provide adequate protection. Studies suggest that 55% of skin is unprotected even when we are wearing sunscreen. Why?

  • We don’t use enough product.
  • We don’t apply it evenly.
  • We lose coverage through sweating, friction, getting wet, and don’t re-apply often enough.

Oral supplements give the protective power of sun cream a boost and provide extra help when our sunscreen application habits fall short of the mark.

Diagram showing topical and oral UV protection

What do the capsules do?

Heliocare 360° oral capsules are a companion to the excellent sun protection in the Heliocare 360° sun creams and gels. But they do much more than prevent sunburn and inflammation. They also:

  • preserve skin’s immunological defences
  • protect and repair sun damage
  • prevent the appearance of dark spots
  • reduce changes in pigmentation
  • reduce the signs of skin aging and prevent further deterioration

As in all Heliocare 360° products, Fernblock is an active ingredient in the capsules. Fernblock is a supercharged anti-oxidant extract derived from a tropical fern native to Central and South America that has powerful natural defences against the sun. It blocks the damaging effects of radiation beneath the surface of the skin and is backed by a significant number scientific studies.

In addition to Fernblock, Heliocare 360° capsules contain other ingredients to support healthy skin:

  • N-acetylcysteine (which helps the body produce natural anti-oxidants)
  • Vitamin B3, C and E
  • Pre-biotics

When do I take it? 

Because they help amplify the protection in sunscreen, these capsules are great for periods of intense or prolonged sun exposure – like beach holidays, hiking, gardening, working outdoors, or those who play a lot of outdoor sport.

Fernblock starts working from the first time you take it, so you don’t need to plan in advance. Just make sure you take it at least half an hour before you head out for any prolonged outdoor activities.

If I take supplements, do I still need to apply sunscreen?

The short answer is, yes. Dermatologists believe daily sunscreen use is essential, and Heliocare capsules are designed to work together with topical sunscreens, not as a replacement for them.

Research has shown that combining sun protection strategies is the best way to make sure you are adequately protected. A 2017 study published in JAMA Dermatology found that beachgoers using just an umbrella were more likely to get sunburn than those using just sunscreen – but neither strategy completely prevented sunburn. The researchers concluded that combining multiple strategies offers the most protection from the sun’s harmful rays.

Looking after ourselves, body and mind, will have positive effects for our skin – but taking it that little step further can give us the peace of mind to enjoy our time outside, while knowing we are taking care of our skin from the inside.


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